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Under Eye Threads


Not many companies do this yet, but we do. Its super safe treatment with very effective results. By inserting dissolvable threads under the eye, it stimulates collagen and fibroblasts. Essentially, your body does all the work. it generates new cell formation and the little dissolvable threads disappear over time leaving you looking younger. There is very little downtime and it is the safest option for improving the under eye appearance. Results last for years! 



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Eye Bag Removal

A treatment for the removal of puffy, swollen, eye bags.

also can improve hooded lids.

Eye bag improvement treatment be used in combination with dark eye circle treatment, if both are an issue.

 and the great new is...  it's not a painful !!

Price £ 180

Instant results, course of 2 treatments is best but not obligatory

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Eye Filler Treatment


We only use a licensed CE mark approved product. Please be wary of cheap under eye fillers. There is only one filler licensed in UK for under eye. The product licensed is fantastic; it contains  amino acids, proteins, nutrients and whitening properties and the results can last a few years.  Contary to popular thought , the under eye is a very safe area to treat and it is virtually painless. Results last for years!



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Removal of Dark Eye Circles


This is not a filler.

It's for those of us who need their darkness taken away but don't need the under eye being filled.

A solution full of vitamins and amino acids, lightens the darkness.  Instant results after treatment.

and the great new is...  it's not a painful !! 

Treatment time - 10 mins

Results - Instant

You will get instant brightening results.

Price £180

Instant results, course of 2 treatments is best but not obligatory

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