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  • Deposit Details
    There is a £20 non refundable deposit. The deposit comes off the cost of your treatment. Appointments can be changed. We require 3 days/72 hours notice. In unforseen circumstances your appointment may need to be rescheduled. Deposits will not be refunded. Appointments can be rescheduled anytime within 6 months. Please check our booking terms before making a deposit payment. ​ Appointments are back to back. We don't take walk in's. Please book ahead as we have limited spaces. We choose who we treat; and we hold the right to not treat you should we feel your not suited for a particular treatment, under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or not in the correct state of mind for a procedure. Deposits will not be refunded in this instance. We are following government Covid19 guidelines. The government reguations are the law. Please bare with us. Appointments will be rescheduled. Deposits are non refundable. All treatments are non refundable. New to dermal fillers? Please let us know and we can go through the process with you.
  • How do I Book?
    Please Text or Call 07733605058
  • BOOKING TERMS - We can not treat certain clients:
    PLEASE NOTE - We have a CHOICE whether we treat your or not. Please check the list below before you book.. Under NO circumstances can we treat: -Those under the age of 18 ( ID REQUIRED ) - Those with Cold Sores/Cold/Flu/Sickness bug on day of treatment. Please reschedule. - Those with glaucoma or taking blood thinning medicine (eg aspirin/warfarin) - Those with transmittable blood infections such as HIV, AIDS, hepatitis. - Haemophiliacs - Diabetics - Pregnant, breastfeeding or lactating clients - Eczema, psoriasis, rash or blisters on the site to be treated. - Healing disorders - Uncontrolled high blood pressure or mitral valve disorder. - Those on skin medication such as roaccutane, antasure, steroids or other which cause over sensitive thin skin. - Those who have had surgery in the area within the last 3 months. - Those with allergies to makeup - Those with post inflammatory hyperpigmentation - Those undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy at present, due to undergo, or have only recently finished within the last 50 days. - Epileptics who have had a seizure in the past two years. Deposits: Are non refundable. Appointment times are changeable where there is availability but we require a minimum 72hrs notice. We may not be able to treat you if you arrive more than 10 mins late for your appointment as it may affect other clients bookings. No deposit no booking. Offers may be for certain time periods; only one offer per client Results: Hopefully you achieve the look you want and feel great... BUT Please be aware treatment experience and results vary from client and no guarantees can be made regarding the outcome of dermal filler treatments. All treatments are non refundable. With relatively new procedueres like dermal fillers, there are no long term studies on adverse effects and complications. We can accept no liability, damages and expenses arising from treatments.
  • What is the outcome of having fillers?
    Hopefully you achieve the look you want and feel great... BUT Please be aware treatment experience and results vary from client and no guarantees can be made regarding the outcome of dermal filler treatments. Treatments are non refundable. With relatively new procedueres like dermal fillers, there are no long term studies on adverse effects and complications. We can accept no liability, damages and expenses arising from treatments.
  • Appointment Times Notice
    Please check you have time before booking.. Those clients under time pressure. Please allow plenty of time before and after your appointments. Whilst we endeavour to stick to appointments times.. We do not adhere to "strict" timings at Naked Aesthetics. Our precision, reputation and expertise is more important to us. Treatment areas can be intricate and we ask that your respectful of other clients well being. Any clients who decide that they can not wait will not be treated or refunded. We dont tolerate timing complaints. We hope this will provide reassurance your treatment will not be rushed.
  • What is Dermal Filler?
    Dermal filler injections used at Naked Aesthetics are made from Hyaluronic acid. (HA) HA is a substance that is found naturally in the body. Its pretty useful because it can hold up to 10,000 times its own weight in water. It helps to keep skin smooth and "plump."HA is often found in skincare products. In a cream, it can only do so much because it can’t penetrate the outer layers of your skin to reach a depth where it can have an instant and noticeable impact. Some brands are using low molecular weight HA, to try and force it deeper into the skin, but even that can only do so much. HA is something that our body produces in lesser quantities as we age. It’s happily accepted, and once injected into the skin it’s easily broken down over a period of months.
  • What products do you use?
    We mainly use:- Juvederm Ultra 3, Juvederm Smile, Volbella, Volift and Teosyal Pure Sense range. Different Dermal Fillers are best suited to different areas due to molecular weight, cross linking and needle gauge size.
  • No space the day you want to book?
    If you would like a specific time or day and its fully booked. Please ask to go on the waiting list ​
  • Are your prices correct?
  • Will having fillers hurt?
    Everyone has a different pain threshold occasionally clients say that the procedure can be a bit stingy in the more delicate areas such as the lip area. Most clients can't feel other areas being treated. Numbing cream is applied too. And there’s even a dose of the painkiller lidocaine mixed in with the HA in the syringe – which gets to work as soon as it’s in your skin. If you are known to be allergic to lidocaine. We do have dermal fillers without lidocaine. Please let us know before you attend your appointment. For the clients who have a very low pain threshold; a nerve block can be given. This will be at extra cost.
  • Perscriptions
    We DO NOT sell our pharmaceuticals. DO NOT appraoch us. Our persrciptions are for our patients.
  • How long will derma fillers last?
    The fillers come with a leaflet stating approx 6 to 18 months. but It depends on the product used, the area being treated, your lifestyle and how your body metabolises the hyaluronic acid. A more dynamic area like the lips will be metabolised quicker in comparison to a less dynamic area like the nose.
  • How do dermal fillers feel the next day?
    They might feel a little tender the next day. There may be 7 -14 days recovery time but usually you can go about your everyday life once you leave your appointment. Best to avoid excessive heat or cold and wait a few days before flying. Please see the aftercare given post treatment. You will see the optimal result of your treatment after two weeks.
  • Is there any recomendations prior to treatment?
    We recommend avoiding alcohol, painkillers and blood thinning supplements and foods prior to treatment. If your are on blood thinnning medications. Please let us know. We also recommend leaving sufficient time for recovery before major events.
  • How much dermal filler do i need?
    Most clients ask for a natural look. But depending on the area and the shape, different clients need different amounts. You do not need to decide before your appointment how much you need. We always stop during the treatment to show you. If you happy with the look then any remaining filler can be disposed of.
  • What are the benefits of Derma Filler?
    Dermal Fillers hydrate the skin, reduce and improve lines and rebalance symmetry. HA filler is not only used in the lips; it can plump out wrinkles, restore volume to cheeks and eradicate those vertical lines at the side of your mouth ....but most of all they make you look fabulous! ​
  • Can I go to the  gym, sauna or exercise after dermal fillers?"
    We advise :- Not to do any exercise for at least 24hours after having dermal fillers. Not to expose yourself to extreme temperatures, like sun bed etc whilst your still healing. And always wear an spf whilst your treatment area is healing. Always use new products on the treated area.
  • Pregnant Ladies...
    ​ You shouldn’t use dermal fillers when you are pregnant, or breastfeeding. Although the dermal fillers we use don’t migrate to other areas, there are no studies to show the effects on an unborn or feeding child. Medically it is recommended that cosmetic procedures aren’t carried out at this time.
  • Can I go to work, drive or go out for a meal after having derma fillers?"
    You may be feeling a little more delicate after the procedure but often clients go back to their daily lives a few hours after. Please refer to you aftercare sheet handed to you at your appointment.
  • Unsure?
    Administering anything intravenously there always carries a risk. Although its highly unlikely adverse reactions can happen. Mild swelling can occur but extreme bruising seen in articles is usually due to a number of factors; wrong product, technique, speed and depth of the needle. Incisions are very small and usually can't be seen by the time you leave the clinic. Always choose a qualified, accredited practitioner.
  • Is there a consultation?
    Before any treatment takes place, we will answer all your questions in an in-depth consultation to make you feel comfortable and confident in your chosen treatments.
  • When shall I see results of my treatment?
    Straight away! Thats the greatest thing. Sometimes the area treated can swell, but once the swelling has reduced you will see the full results.
  • Is Dermal Filler Permanent ?
    No- It can be effectively dissolved and reversed. We recommend you dont get treated by companies that are not trained in removal. Rest assured we are.
  • Do you do mobile treatments ? NO
    These are clinical treatments in a clinical treatment environment. We have clinics in London, Richmond (UK), Malta & Dubai.

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